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Our office provides a wide range of engineering services from small projects such as home additions decks and pools to larger projects, such as commercial site plan and residential subdivision plan preparation.

For many homeowners, the land use permitting process can be overwhelming and intimidating.  We can assist you in navigating through it. For those that are comfortable with the application process, we can provide the necessary technical documents that will support your application. For others, we can provide full services including the preparation of permit applications, and representation before land use agencies and commissions.

Some typical services that we provide are:

  1. Soil testing for septic systems
  2. State Health Code Section B100a compliance studies for home additions, decks, swimming pools, etc.
  3. Engineered Septic System Design Plan preparation
  4. Septic System Repair Plan preparation and consultation
  1. Feasibility Studies
  2. Final Site Plan Preparation (Commercial and Residential)
  3. Preparation of Land Use Permit Applications (including special exception/special permit applications to Planning and Zoning and Wetland Commissions)
  4. Representation at Land Use agency meetings, public hearings, and site walks
  1. Feasibility Studies
  2. Preparation of Final Subdivision Plans and Permit Applications
  3. Representation at Land Use agency meetings, public hearings, and site walks
  1. Wetland Remediation
  2. Driveway Wetland Crossing Plan Preparation
  3. Storm Culvert Sizing
  4. Preparations of site plans and permit applications for proposed construction within wetland and upland review areas
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